IMPORTANT Evermore Announcement!!!

evermore_front (1)Ok my lovely Arotas Fans. It’s confession time.

I have known for a couple of weeks that Evermore would not be releasing on Valentine’s day and it has been killing me not being able to tell you all. Due to circumstances that refused to allow this I have been dreading this day, and yet I am elated at the same time.

My Arotas novels caught the eye of some really cool people, as you can tell from some of my other posts. Those cool people are helping me do a big marketing push for my books, and as such I was bound by their agreement that I would not speak a word of this to anyone. (You have no idea how hard that was for me!!!!)

As such, because of this fantastic opportunity I had to push back the Evermore release.

So what does this mean for you?

1. Evermore IS available for pre-order exclusively through Apple iBooks right now for $0.99. If you have an ipad, iphone, ipodtouch, etc you can download your copy. When it officially releases on Feb 25th it will be sent automatically to your device.
2. Evermore WILL be available on all other platforms on March 12th.
3. Because of this delay (which although I’m REALLY stinkin’ excited about I do feel terribly guilty over) I will be hosting an Evermore Valentine’s day celebration and you can bet there will be LOTS of gifts given away. (See guilt can be a good thing for you haha).
4. During the party I will be releasing the FIRST CHAPTER of Evermore for all to read.
5. Also during the party I will be releasing my (gulp) video interview where I answer a lot of your Arotas questions.
6. If you are an Apple ibooks customer you will have premium opportunity to pre-order ALL of my books early. That’s right. I’m not just doing Evermore and the box set as a pre-order. As soon as I have the covers in hand (within the next two weeks) you will be able to pre-order DESOLATE, SAVAGE and REFUGE exclusively with iBooks. Yeah, it’s THAT cool!
7. Did I mention lots of giveaways during the party?!?!?!
8. With the release date pushed back just a bit it gives you LESS time between Evermore and the release of Desolate 

As you all know I HATE disappointing anyone. I work very hard to meet every deadline that I create. This opportunity was presented to me and I was deeply grateful for it.

I love you all and I can’t wait to share EVERMORE with you.

I’m also gonna share the cover with you now  Yeah!!!
If you would like to preorder your copy of Evermore from ibooks here is the link:

3 thoughts on “IMPORTANT Evermore Announcement!!!

  1. NO! for the first time in my life i was actually looking forward to valentine’s day because this was coming out. oh well, it’s gotta come eventually right? the cover is absolutely beautiful and i can’t wait to read it! i also can’t wait to see (and read) the covers for Immortal Rose! at least now with the late release date i won’t have to wait to long between reading Evermore and Desolate. Your books are amazing and i love them so so so much! keep up the good work! and no more surprises!!

  2. Hi Ms. Miles,
    first you are an incredible writer. I was curious is the trilogy box set for $0.99 full novels? i was not sure if they were complete novels because i noticed the epilogue for Forbidden that i purchased separately is slightly different ( more detailed and gruesome which was a vivid description of the wedding night) than the trilogy box epilogue for forbidden in the trilogy box set i just purchased.

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