Good intentions…

Building from my post yesterday about wanting to find a good book to read this week, I planned a nice bubble bath, complete with Jocelyn Stover’s OUT OF REACH sitting right next to me.  I had every intention of digging into this fantasy based book but low and behold an idea hit me.  Typical.jocelyn

I’ve been working on doing some plotting for a short story that I’ve agreed to do as part of a New Year’s anthology and the idea struck last night with a vengeance.  I guess in one way that is a good thing.  I wrote just over 1500 words before my water ran cold (yes, I kept a notebook nearby just in case something like this happened) and am now that much closer to completing this project.  The problem is that I read the opening line of the book and closed it right back up.


I’m hoping tonight goes better!  I’ve got a full day trapped in my writing cave to work on DESOLATE, Book I of the Immortal Rose trilogy so I’m sure I will need a distraction later tonight to rejuvenate.

Thank you to everyone who offered book suggestions.  It seems I need to make a lot more time to read in the near future 🙂

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