Release Party Winners

Welcome to the winner announcement page for our CAPTIVATE release party happening 8am-8pm eastern time on Thursday Sept 27th.

All winners will be announced here as well as on Twitter @AmyMilesBooks

8am- Cathy Veres (Night Aberrations and Captivate ebooks)

8:30- Brooke Kroner (When You’re Ready ebook and 2 book Arotas paperback Bundle)

9am- Becki Brannen (Mangled Hearts ebook and Defiance Rising bracelet)

9:30- Amber-Marie DeCorte (Watch Over Me and Captivate ebooks)

10am- Heather Andrews (The Only Exception ebook and Defiance Rising paperback)

10:30- Toni Houseworth (Haven from the Storm and Redemption paperback)

11am- Jocelyn Stover (Before the Storm ebook and Defiance Rising bracelet)

11:30- Stephanie Scott (Together Forever ebook and Captivate e-book)

12pm- Gina Bertolino (Andrea Heltsley ebook and Defiance Rising paperback)

12:30- Megan Murray (Beyond Control and Arotas paperback bundle)

1pm- Christine Marquette (Promise me Darkness and Penned Con tank)

1:30- Melanie Mitchell (Promise Me This ebook and Captivate ebook)

2pm- Sarah Geiger (The Willows:Haven ebook and Defiance Rising bracelet)

2:30- Nicole Patton (Child’s proof and Child’s Abduction ebooks and Arotas paperback bundle)

3pm- Melanie Marsh (Never Let You Fall paperback and Arotas Necklace)

3:30- Becki Brannen (Days Gone Bad and Captivate E-book)

4pm- Amber-Marie DeCorte (Friends without benefits and DR bracelet)

4:30- Sarah Geiger (Selling Scarlet and Arotas paperback bundle)

5pm- Becki Brennan (Aftermath and Redesigned and Penned Con tank)

5:30- Jenn Goodnight-Tenney (Being There and Captivate e-book)

6pm- Megan Murray (Roma ebook and Defiance Rising bracelet)

6:30- Katara Rose Amaya (Indelible ebook and a Defiance Rising paperback)

7pm- Heather Andrews (Second Nature and Defiance Rising bracelet)

7:30- Toni Houseworth (Captivate ebook and Amy Miles Books t-shirt)

8pm- Christine Marquette and Heidi Gossman Burrows won the cake decorating contest!!!

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