Final journey

Every once in a while you are touched by a set of characters. They become a part of you. While writing the Arotas trilogy I had the wonderful opportunity to fall in love with a world within our world. A place with possibilities, mystery and forbidden love.

Not the sort of love that is self serving, but sacrificial and pure. I will miss this world.

As I dig deeper into Immortal Rose, the prequel to Forbidden I find myself feeling sad. Almost as if I’m saying goodbye to a long lost friend.

I suppose in one way I am.

Immortal Rose is Fanes story, just as much as it is Roselines. A tale of friendship, rebellion and first love.

I look forward to sharing it with you.


I’m an obsessive writer, avid reader and writer’s group fanatic. Proud soccer wife and mom and loyal supporter of Chelsea. I’ve been a carbaholic since birth and am now hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper 10. Who says it’s only for men? Author of teen paranormal romance, Forbidden.

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