While I wait…

While I wait for a response from yet another email to Smashwords and iBooks about releasing Reckoning and Redemption on their site, I am diligently at work on my next book release.  CAPTIVATE (Book 1 of the Love & Lust trilogy) is my first leap into the NA contemporary romance genre.  Don’t worry though…my first love is and will always be fantasy so I’m not selling out and leaving everyone behind 🙂

The official cover release for CAPTIVATE happens THIS friday, Sept 13th.  Make sure to check back here, on Twitter (@AmyMilesBooks) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AmyMiles.Author) to see the big reveal.  Today I am working on the book trailer which will be released on Sept 26th at the Amy Miles Captivate Release Party which can be found on Facebook.

Also for today…I am full steam ahead on Immortal Rose, the prequel to Forbidden.  For those of you just experiencing Forbidden for the first time, this new book will detail some of the major events that happened after Roseline’s transformation, her training and her relationship with Fane.  This book is tentatively set to arrive in November but I have yet to set a definitive date at this moment.

Big things are happening this year.  I’ve got tons of books to publish and the amazing RED COAT PR now taking over most of my marketing work so that frees me up to spend more time with all of you 🙂


2 thoughts on “While I wait…

  1. Hi Amy,
    I just finished reading Redemption and am and have been in complete awe over your Arotas trilogy. You have reignited my imagination and sparked new life into a dwindling soul. I cannot wait to read your next book coming out in February and just read your possibly releasing a prequel in 2015 about Rose. I thank you for extrodinary writing and positive influence in my life.

    1. Oh, you are too sweet! Thank you for such kind words. I love to hear from readers who have been entertained or touched by something I wrote.

      EVERMORE, Roseline and Gabriel’s reunion is planned to release in Feb.

      DESOLATE the first book in the prequel trilogy will hopefully be out in Jan. It’s release has been delayed due to cover design issues.

      I hope that you will follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with my newest releases 🙂

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