Twitter conundrum

Does anyone else feel like Twitter is its own little world?

I’ll admit that I am new to the Twitter orbit but man is it hard to fit a whole thought into that few of characters! I know I can be long winded at times but sheesh.

I think I’ve finally got a handle on the hash tags and at symbols. Now I’m figuring how to play nice and make new friends 🙂

Are you a Tweet fanatic or do you avoid the little blue bird like the plague??

4 thoughts on “Twitter conundrum

  1. I am still new, and I am fumbling along with the whole twitter thing. I don’t understand the # thing, but i’m starting to figure it out. i wonder if there’s a twitter for dummies… 😛

  2. I have to admit… I am not a twitter fan.. Haven’t gotten into That quite yet.. I have one, just Not too hip on it yet

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