First Redemption Sneak Peek

For those of you who were sad to see that Roseline and Gabriel were not together in RECKONING, hold on for REDEMPTION.  Their reunion will be interesting, to say the least.

Here is the first sneak peek for REDEMPTION, taken from a scene about halfway through the book.

Roseline bucks wildly against Gabriel’s grip in the pitch dark.  His fingers dig into her forearms as she snarls and spits in his face, wild like a rabid animal.  He takes a deep breath, praying for some sign of the girl he fell in love with only a few short weeks ago, but he can’t find a single one.  His heart aches with the realization that Roseline is gone.

“I promise I’m going to save you.”  He lowers his head and brings his arm up to meet his lips.  Roseline’s fingers curl into claws, swiping blindly at him as he sinks his teeth deep into the flesh of his wrist.  His nostrils flare as the potent sent of his blood rises around him.

Roseline falls eerily still. 

The sound of his blood pattering against the icy floor sounds distant as he offers his wounded arm.  Strong hands latch around his bicep, nearly yanking his arm from its socket. 

He can feel her need, hear her licking her lips in the dark.

“My life-blood for yours,” he whispers as her teeth bury deep into his flesh. 

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