The Best You

I watched a movie recently- no names given cause I don’t want to be a spoiler-and it had a beautiful sentiment that I have pondered ever since.  “Don’t pick the best guy, pick the one that makes you the best you.”

Now I won’t say this line was life changing or anything, but it has captured more than one hour of my thinking time.  Which is a lot right now!

How many of us- ladies I’m talking to you- pick  a guy because he’s got the looks, the fancy car or the jumbo salary?  We seek comfort in knowing that we can be looked after.  Even before we have children, that thought is in our mind.  Can this man provide me with the lifestyle that I want?

That’s all well and good, and trust me I had the same thoughts, but money isn’t everything.  Security isn’t everything.

If I’m gonna spend every morning, of the rest of my life, waking up beside some guy, I want to make darn sure there’s more than a gorgeous face yawning back at me. I want substance.  I want to know that I matter to him.  That he is happy, dare I say proud, to share his sliver of the bed with me.

So to this movie line, I tip my hat.  Pick the guy who will let you soar.  Who will support you in any endeavor, not matter how harebrained it might be.  Pick someone that will make you smile, laugh and enjoy life.

My husband and I have always had a saying:  I’d rather have nothing with you, than have everything without you.  *Swoon worthy*

So ladies (and gents) make your choices wisely.  Cause after this woman in the movie was given this brilliant piece of advice…she chose the wrong guy!

(My apologies if this sounds a tad preachy  .Just my thoughts.  Take them or leave them.)

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