You really, really like me?

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to invite you to hop over to my author page on Facebook.

You can read my random thoughts, some that just aren’t blog worthy but still exploits my creative insanity.  Also, you can join in and see who else is following me.  As soon as I get RECKONING published I will be doing free giveaways.  Oooohhh how exciting.  Free books!

Oh come on, who doesn’t love getting something for free???

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5 thoughts on “You really, really like me?

    1. The 2008 short-form (which Obama's attorney emphatically stated ware-s/andiwill-s/main THE ONLY LEGAL BC) did NOT include the hospital & doctor.As for the fake (and NOT legally submitted) Long-Form, Queens hospital (and Dr. WEST) is probably PISSED because he originally claimed them as his birth hospital/doctor prior ti Kapiolani & Dr. Sinclair.

  1. Utroligt god opskrift. Lækre baerdpannekagna, som jeg helt sikkert vil prøve med igen. Det an ogsÃ¥ anbefales og tilføje lidt ekstra vaniljesukker – altsÃ¥ mere end den éne tsk. der stÃ¥r i opskriften.

  2. That's a really interesting way to look at it, I never even thought about that. Thanks. Cuz the whole Katniss voting yes for another hunger games filled with innocent people bothered me, but when I reread that part.. it fits rather perfectly.. especially since suzanne collins didn't mention that last hunger game after katniss killed coin.

  3. November 15, 2011 at 3:23 PMHi Robin. I’m pretty much set on getting one of these now, but was wondering what your opinion was on its weatherproofing? Past led lenser torches have been very good, but i’m unsure of the effect of moisture on the tailcap terminals…. Your thoughts? Did you see all the relevant seals in place? Kind Regards, Harry

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