Change your Tune

If you are like me, I can’t stand silence when I’m trying to think.  Probably because I was raised in a time when nearly every room in the house had a TV on, 24-7.  When falling asleep at night I love to listen to a fan, even in the dead of winter. My husband hates me for it.

So true. Sometimes you have to embrace the mood before you can write!

But when I am writing,  I like to crank up the radio.  Or pop in my fav cd.

Today, while I was at the pool, trying to sneak in some laps before it got too hot, I heard Metallica blaring through the speakers.  I couldn’t help but smile.

If you want to write a scene with some high intensity and strong emotions or sex, Metallica or many other 80’s bands are great to listen to.  Let’s face it folks.  80’s music rocks for that theme.  (No, I’m not gonna add that to my books.  I’m keeping it clean!)

This got me to thinking: should I listen to any ole thing, or should I be purposeful in setting the mood when I write.  For casual writing I love to listen to Daughtry, Lifehouse, Safety Suit, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Red Hot Chili Peppers (eclectic music and book tastes!) or the likes.  But perhaps I should be more intentional with my mood music.

Music is said to “soothe the savage beast.”  I say, it can unleash it as well!


3 thoughts on “Change your Tune

  1. I usually listen to musical scores from movies or soundtracks. I tried listening to regular songs, but I always find myself getting distracted and typing out the lyrics! When I hear a song outside of my ‘writing-zone’, and I feel that it can contribute to a feeling I’m trying to convey in the story, I’ll listen to it a few times and then write. I’m not good at multi-tasking 😦

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