Navy Brat and an Englishman

My culturally blended home.

Right about this time every year, I stop to ponder the implications of marrying a man from across the pond.  His accent is awesome.  His sarcastic humor is off the charts.  And his family is amazing.  The only problem…4th of July.

Seriously?  I’m a navy brat, patriotic through and through.  I love the red, white and blue.  Fireworks.  BBQ’s.  The whole shebang.  But when you are married to a guy whose homeland still holds a grudge against us Yanks, it can be an interesting day.

To be fair, my hubby handles it REALLY well.  He will even stand during the national anthem in respect.  But it certainly makes you stop and think.

Last year, I had the pleasure of having not only my husband along side me at the fireworks, but my in-laws as well.  Oh yes, 4th of July was fun fun fun!

As I gear up for the 4th next week, I stop and say a prayer of thanks that my son is now reaching an age where this holiday can not only be a teaching moment, but also another way to expand his understanding of culture.  His time spent here and on our trips to England help broaden his idea of what the world is truly like.

Peace, no matter where you come from, is something to be cherished.

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