Two Top 100’s

When it rains, it pours and right now the blessings are falling from Heaven at a rapid rate.  This past week has been a roller coaster for me.  Jumping in and out of one top 100 list only to jump into a second top 100 list.  The excitement continues to mount as I slip lower and lower on the list.

My sales have literally exploded.  I have no clue how it is happening but THANK YOU!  Without your support I couldn’t be where I am today.

As of right now, I am sitting at:

#42 in Contemporary Fantasy

#63 Romance Futuristic Ghost/Fantasy

This is the lowest I have been.

If anyone wants to know how it feels…it’s simply amazing!

I encourage each of you to follow your dreams, use the talents that have been given you and love every moment of the journey!

Do you have a dream?  What is holding you back?

2 thoughts on “Two Top 100’s

    1. Thanks! It’s been an amazing ride. I bounce all around but am consistently staying lower now. This morning I awoke to find myself ranked at 30 and 51 on the two lists. That’s the lowest I’ve been yet!

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