The Selection: Book Review

I am exhausted.  

This book, THE SELECTION, kept me up till the wee hours of the morning.  I don’t actually know how late because I was afraid to look. I kept thinking if I don’t look at the clock then I can convince myself that it was only 11pm.  Yeah, fat chance!

Basic Summary:

America Singer has been selected, by way of lottery, to be one of 35 girls to be shipped off to a grand palace to have the opportunity to be chosen as the new princess.

The only problem is…America is not interested.

Her heart belongs to another, a boy who is unreachable due to his social class.  But despite all controversy, America is willing to marry down into a poverty stricken caste for love.

But when she is selected to attend the selection, America must leave behind everything she knows and loves to enter into a word of cut throat girls, extravagant living and  rebel attacks.


Honestly, as much as I enjoyed the book, it was not original at all.  It was like The Hunger Games meets Princess Diaries.  In fact, there were several parts in there that I actually think were IN the Hunger Games.  It’s your basic young love, angst and outside tension from the rebels.  I think it was well written for what it was, but I was really hoping for more.


America Singer was likable enough.  I was actually attracted more to some of the secondary characters than I was to her.  But I liked that she remained true to herself throughout the book.  She didn’t succomb to peer pressure to change her simple style.  I also enjoyed that she made an effort to befriend her “enemies.” And for the most part took the higher road when it came to some of the more troublesome girls.

Maxon (the prince) was an odd character.  I truly wanted to like him but he just came off weird to me.  I understand that, being trapped within the palace walls, would stunt your growth with the female sex, but he seemed overly awkward.  But I loved his kind heart, and willingness to give gifts that were unexpected.

Aspen- His character was actually my favorite.  I could relate to his sense of duty and respect his decisions because of that. I’m sure this was done to give readers a sense of abandonment on his part, but it made me respect him more.  His actions were the only ones that felt truly genuine to me.

Book Cover:  Loved it!

Writing Style: I enjoyed Kiera Cass’ writing style.  It was simple.  Not overly flourished.  Some might call it basic but I prefer that over flowery prose that makes me stumble over it.

Negative aspects:  My biggest disappointment with The Selection was how the book ended.  I felt no sense of fulfillment when I read the final words.   Nothing was resolved.  Only more questions were added.  Knowing this book will have others, I can understand the need to leave a cliff hanger…but this book didn’t resolve anything for me.  I’m not a fan of that style.  I want at least SOME of my questions answered.

Overall, The Selection was an enjoyable read.  A bit of a let down to be honest but still worth reading.

And now I can work on my sequel.  Don’t you just hate when life has to come to a halt because of a book?  🙂

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