Beetle power!

Ok...this beetle I can handle!

To kick off the first day of spring break with my little man, we went to the zoo.  As you do, of course, on a HOT spring day.  It nearly hit 90 degrees today, on April 2nd?  Is this a joke leftover from yesterday?

While at the zoo my son dragged me to the bug house.  Now folks, let me be perfectly clear on one thing.  There is only one creature on this planet (that I’ve met at least) that terrifies me.  SPIDERS.  Needless to say, mommy was not thrilled with crossing the threshold into an entire building devoted to all manner of creepy crawlies.  I blame it on motherly love and the sweet call of A/C.

While wandering through the bug house, keeping a reasonable distance from ALL spider exhibits, I came across a sign that was very disturbing to me.  It read:

3 out of every 4 animals on our planet is some sort of beetle.

I may not be terrified of these little guys… but I sure don’t want to share my house with them!

*sigh*  Don’t you just love the zoo?

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