The aftermath of a 2 year old

My house was not THIS bad.

I had the pleasure of babysitting a two year old today.  My goodness…was my preschooler ever THAT hyper?  In the first five minutes we cut paper, colored a dinosaur page AND made a finger painting.  Where do they get that energy from?  If only we could bottle it!

Isn’t it amazing how our views change with time?  I have no doubt that my own son was just as excited, had a one minute attention span and wanted to play with EVERY toy at the same time, but those memories have begun to fade.

I’ve always been told to cherish these years and today was a huge reminder.  My little man is no longer the little boy that I consider him to be.  Today I got a good taste of what it could have been like for my son to have a sibling.  He was amazing!  Offering his toys freely, sharing selflessly, watching his every move like a mother hen.  Snacks, drinks, potty checks.  I was one proud mommy!

So despite the fact that my house looked like a tornado blew through for a few hours, I had a wonderful day.

For those of you out there that have more than one child, I tip my hat to you.  You are truly amazing!

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