Let the Game’s begin!

So today would normally be a day that I would speak about varying movies that have been loved over the years, but to be honest, there is only one movie on my mind today.  THE HUNGER GAMES!  Do YOU have your tickets yet?

Several of my friends went to the midnight showing.  Even if I hadn’t been under the weather yesterday,  I still wouldn’t have gone.  I’ve finally reached the day where I have to admit that I’m too old now for those wee hours of the morning movies.  Seriously, with a preschooler that loves to wake up before the birds, I couldn’t handle the loss of sleep!

BUT…I will be warming my seat nice and early this afternoon.  4:15 can not get here soon enough.

I’ve heard varying reviews, of course.  Some people loved it, others hated it.  In my opinion, you have to take it for what it is: an adaption!

I’m looking forward to seeing Hollywood’s take on Suzanne Collin’s novel.

Let the Game’s begin!

2 thoughts on “Let the Game’s begin!

  1. Yeah, looking forward to seeing this with my 12-year-old. Couldn’t read the books after he gave me a plot synopsis, but am definitely looking forward to the flick.

    1. Don’t you love it when a book is ruined like that?

      I’m taking my husband to see it with me. He kindly sat through Twilight with me, which I know took a LOT of love, but I think the action in The Hunger Games will be enough to keep his attention. At least it’s got some fighting in it 🙂

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