2000? Nah, let’s shoot for 2,500!

After an amazing response yesterday with my free ebook giveaway through Amazon, I set a new goal for myself: 2000.  Imagine my shock and absolute wonder when I awoke this morning to a giveaway count of 1,761!

I literally wanted to do a happy dance!  Everyone one of you are amazing!

New goal for today: 2,500

Let’s see how many free books I can pass around!

If you haven’t had a chance to snag my free teen paranormal romance, Forbidden, you have until midnight tonight.  Here’s the link:


One thought on “2000? Nah, let’s shoot for 2,500!

  1. I’m nearing 2100 now! Come on 2500. Surely 400 people need a new book to read for the weekend, right?

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