Unique names

Have you ever had the chance to watch Graham Norton on BBC America?  It is bloody brilliant.  (Yes I can say that, my hubby is English)

One of the bits that I love to watch the most is when people send in pics of places, stores and whatnot with unique names.  To be honest, my husband has always wanted to send in a picture of the sign post of a town near us.    No I’m not making this up!

I took a picture while on vacation in England several years back and I saw a bakery with a unique name: Crusty Bloomers.  Brilliant right?

And of course my dog’s groomer came up with a good one. Doggy Styles.  That one made me snicker a bit.

So I got to thinking…how many of you have found unusual names of places/shops that you’re dying to share?  I’d love to see them!

Please share your thoughts

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