Self-published print books

For those of you who have gone the route of publishing your book through self-publishers…
What has your experience been with the company you chose?  Did you find it easy or challenging to meet their requirements?  Were they easy to work with or did you have some trouble?  Did you pay to publish or use a print-on-demand style company?
Please share with everyone your experience so we can help our fellow authors know which companies to shy away from when it comes time to publishing their own book.

3 thoughts on “Self-published print books

  1. I personally am using Create Space to print my self published book and I am finding it a little difficult to be honest.The front and back cover was super easy to lay out but the interior is shrunk down to where my 12pt font looked like an 8 or 10pt font. So I'm ordering my second proof copy in hopes that this time it will work.Would have been much happier if they had a way of viewing your book online before you pay for another proof copy…but such is life. Hoping, after this second go around with a proof copy, to be in print within the next week or so.

  2. I've been using CreateSpace and I love it. It is a little difficult in the beginning, but it gets easier and if you want to put out some money they will help you with whatever you need. I had to do my cover twice as well. I also had to manually add the title page, bumper, disclaimer. I had forgotten to add my name and the title to the spine of my cover. I will have to yet another one in the near future that has my picture on it and where I've made it easier to read the back information. OVer all, I wanted the control and I have that with CreateSpace. So if I have to work a little harder to get what I want, it 's all worth it to me.

  3. Thanks so much for the comment! Those aspects that you struggled with were actually the easiest part for me haha. I guess that goes to show that each of us have our own struggles!Glad to hear from another self-publisher!

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