Learn from Amanda Hocking’s example

I’ve learned during my newly forming career as a writer that it’s always best to learn from people who have been in the business longer than I have.  For me, I wouldn’t even have thought to self publish if it hadn’t been for my father reading an article about how successful Amanda Hocking had become.  She is who I dream of being.  Well, not her personally, but you know what I mean.
Her success, whether you like her books or not, is commendable.  I for one have read her My Blood Approves and Trylle Trilogy and I really enjoyed them both.  Sure there were some editing errors…but let’s face it, there are errors in a ton of books!  Her content was appealing, her ideas kept me intrigued and yes I bought her books.  So she makes money and I get several hours of enjoyment.  Win win!
But how did she do it?
I think that’s a question every self published author should be asking themselves.  It’s true you don’t want to try to mimic her style because you need to make a name for yourself…but through her hard work and perseverance she had made quite a career for herself.  And its only just beginning!
I highly recommend you read her blog http://www.amandahocking.blogspot.com to get an idea of exactly what she went through.  Amanda was exactly where most of my readers are today.  I think we can learn a lot from her.  She didn’t give up after years of rejection.  She wrote books in popular genres and kept publishing.  She made up her mind to be a success and voila!

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