Meet Amy

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While Amy Miles can’t technically live in fantasy worlds filled with all manner of creatures that go bump in the night, she does spend her days creating them. She is a lover of all things quirky, snarky, and a little bit dark.  Amy loves to cast a spell over her readers, drawing them into twisty tales filled with mystery, suspense, a little romance, and witty banter.

She’s the wife to a sexy bearded Brit, homeschool mom to a VR loving teenager, and obsessive dog mom to a tea cup yorkie named, Sir Winston Miles.

3 thoughts on “Meet Amy

  1. I love that you aren’t afraid to write for different genres. We have varied interests so why can’t we write about them?! It’s wonderful that you do. I have written Romance and paranormal. I also love fantasy fiction; a good ol story about magic and realm travel. Keep it going ! Your bio alone makes you a best seller! Cheers, Koko

    1. Koko, thanks so much for your kind words. I write what i love to read and im eclectic 🙂 its easy to become stifled if you stay in one genre. Branching out scares some authors. Youre starting all over with a new reader base and many times have to adjust how you matket but i believe its totally worth it!

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