Romantic Suspense JASPER sale

Jasper promo

Hey all! JASPER, my smexy romantic suspense ebook is up for grabs for only 99 pennies for a LIMITED TIME. If you haven’t met Jasper yet, be sure to snag your copy today.

Nothing is at it seems.

Working for a high-end escort service in the heart of London, I pride myself in keeping clients at arm’s length. I am not a stripper or a hooker. And I don’t pleasure men for anything or anyone. Period. At least that is until Jasper Theron crosses my path and challenges everything I believe in. He is wealthy, mysterious, and devilishly good looking.

Why the hell is he interested in me?

When my co-workers start turning up dead and my best friend goes missing, I find myself trapped in Jasper’s world of sex, lies, and hit men.

Jasper may be a man haunted by demons, but I am far from a saint.


5 thoughts on “Romantic Suspense JASPER sale

  1. Jasper ended with a message stating End of Book 1. Will there ever be a book 2? I hope there is. Too damn good of a story to be left hanging.

  2. I really enjoyed this story! Is there a book #2 coming out? Talk about the twist and turns with Jasper and Aspen! Please don’t leave us hanging.

  3. Like others, I’m dying to continue this story. Love JT. Please don’t leave us hanging too long.

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