Once Upon A Witch Sneak Peek

OUAWteaserSnippet from Once Upon a Witch (now available for pre-order):

Seraphina Emerson was a witch.

Sounded kinda like an open declaration you might hear at an AA meeting, right? Witches Anonymous. Sort of had a ring to it.

If she were to stand before a WA meeting (Witches Anonymous just officially became a thing) she would declare a few things.

1. Her name was Seraphina Emerson.

2. She was a black cat loving, broom toting, coven member card bearing freshman who was about to step foot for the very first time on the infamous Windsor University.

Don’t ask her why it was infamous, though. She was sure it was just the University’s clever marketing pitch in all of the brochures mailed to potential students. Her name had been on the roster since birth. A casualty of high-born breeding. No need to schmooze there.

3. She had never actually kissed a guy.

Ok, that was not actually as lame as it sounded. Her older sister had a running joke that if Seraphina kissed a guy he would turn into a mole. Images like that had a way of seriously killing the mood!

4. She was nervous.

No. She was really freakin’ nervous. Like the ‘I could piss my own pants at any moment’ sort. Wouldn’t that be a great first impression!

She had spent years dreaming of this moment. Out from under her mother’s stifling wing and father’s “too busy to be anything but indifferent” gaze. Free to be her. Well, almost her. She would still have to be cautious.

The humans didn’t know that witches really existed.

5. She kinda sucked at keeping secrets. At least the really big ones.

If she made it through freshman year without a single human figuring out what she was it would be a miracle!

Pre-order your copy here:
iBooks: http://bit.ly/ibooksOUAW
Kobo: http://bit.ly/koboOUAW
Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/NookOUAW
Amazon: not available for pre-order

Available on all platforms May 24th, 2016

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