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***Release Day Facebook GIVEAWAY***

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Beautiful, attractive couple on  the ice rink

Waiting on Us is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.

A guy with everything to lose. A girl with nothing to offer. They were from two different worlds trying to defy both for a chance to be together.

When a fateful accident during a blizzard brings Elliot Carter and Claire Sullivan’s lives crashing together, they quickly learn that they will have to fight for more than survival, but the bonds formed in seclusion will soon be tested. When Elliot’s father arrives to rescue them, declaring her unfit for his son, Claire will suffer the consequences of deciding to shoulder the burden of a secret that could destroy both of them on her own.

“They say your life flashes before your eyes the moment right before you die, but that wasn’t true for everyone. Mine didn’t even warrant a tiny flicker of light, at least not until I opened my eyes to see Elliot Carter staring up at me.

He was one of those guys that everyone knew. Popular, nice on the eyes and untouchable by pretty much anyone in town that his father didn’t approve of. You had to be somebody for the Carter’s to notice you and I was about as invisible as they came.”

Grab your Amazon copy at:…/…/B019NZNQRQ

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2 thoughts on “Release Day Giveaway

  1. Cca. egy órával ezelött beszéltem valakivel, aki Erasmus-diák volt néhány évvel ezelött Budapesten. Ezt említette meg Ophélie Bretnacher ügyével kapcsolatban : "A fiúk körében ismeretes volt egy szokás. Ha ittak, kimentek a Lánchidra és ott a korláton kivüli viszonylag széles szegélyen gyalogoltak egy szakaszt. Ez egyféle "bátorság-próba" volt. " (Hogy lány tette volna meg ezt, arról nem hallott. )

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