New release update

Wither_Ebook (1)For those of you who have read and fallen in love with Wither, I have BIG news that I’ve been dying to share.

I’ve just recently sold the rights to the first three books in the WITHERED series and Simon & Schuster will be distributing the paperback versions of this series to book stores!!!!

So what does this mean for you right now?

WITHER will be pulled down from all ebook platforms to go through new edits with the publisher.

Book 2, RESURRECT and book 3, AFFLICTION (names might change) will be released directly through the publisher, with their release schedule instead of self publishing by me. For those of you who preordered RESURRECT, thank you for your support. Your order will be cancelled and no payment will go out of your account.

The decision to go traditional with this series, knowing there would be a delay in releasing Resurrect, was not an easy one but I’m very excited for this opportunity. This route will allow new readers to discover Cable and Avery and give you the opportunity to grab your copy from a physical store smile emoticon

Thank you to the hard working ladies at GH Lit for making this possible!!

So for those of you who were waiting for Resurrect to come out and have been so supportive about the shift for this series to go traditional I wanted to give you guys a small gift. On my birthday, November 17th, I am going to release a short story for you guys. It’s only $0.99 and it’s my THANK YOU for being patient with me this year.

There have been some crazy changes going on behind the scenes and some really cool projects that took me away from my indie publishing for a while but I am gearing up for an amazing year of releases in 2016 (SAVAGE AND REFUGE INCLUDED!! YAY!!!) and I just couldn’t wait to share those with you so….I present to you OBSIDIAN FLAMES, a short tale.

Obsidian FlamesBook Blurb:

1647, Windsor Connecticut

Fear of witchcraft was not brought about by the God fearing people of my village but through the whispers of a demon, clothed in seductive crimson, an expert of womanly wiles. It was she that destroyed my town from within, tore my family apart and sent me to an innocent’s death.

I am not a witch but I will burn as one. Not for fear but for greed. For lust. For the pursuit of something far beyond the reach of any human.

Most people think the witch trials began in Salem. They are wrong.

This is my tale.

Pre-Order Links:

ibooks: coming soon

Amazon: coming soon

barnes and nobles:

kobo: coming soon

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