Health and Travels

No one ever likes going on a diet. We don’t like restrictions, missing out on the “good stuff” or to be told no, even when the person saying no is yourself.

Day 1 is usually pretty good. You are pumped up, prepped and ready to change your world. Yes, you feel a little hungry but it’s worth it, right?

This past week I have muddled through several insecurities, battled with snacking of the mind, food addictions of the bread sort and came out on top. I ate my meals without ketchup and bbq sauce. I even ate a salad sans dressing. *shock and horror* all while on the road to a book signing.

Do you know want to know a few things I learned?

  1. Salad is disgusting without dressing!
  2. Meat does NOT taste as good without some sort of sugary additive
  3. I would never have become an over eater without those two!
  4. It is possible to find something to eat for breakfast at a gas station…if you duck down REALLY low and search the bottom shelf for the healthy stuff
  5. I snack when I work out of habit, not hunger.
  6. Without carbs and grains to fuel my need to eat I can actually FORGET about food. How weird is that?
  7. I sleep so much better when I’m active.
  8. While everyone else around me ate foods I couldn’t I stayed focused and built PRIDE instead of my waist line.
  9. Water isn’t tasteless. It’s refreshing, especially on a hot sticky summer’s day.
  10. I lost 7.5lbs this week because I believed in myself.

Viva la vitality!

4 thoughts on “Health and Travels

  1. Congrats! It is truly amazing what happens when you conquer the mental aspects of the “diet” and why we eat. I still struggle, but I also focus on 1% at a time. So, little victories pave the way to one monumental achievement, that leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle. 😉

    may you have many more victories like this week!

    1. Thank you so much. I think many times we train ourselves into thinking its too hard or we have too far to go to reach our goals that we give up long before we truly give ourselves a chance to succeed. Its all about the baby steps 🙂

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