Penned Con Charity Box Set

Couple walking at alley in night lights. Photo in vintage style.Tell a friend, tell a reader … tell everybody you know.

April is Autism awareness month. Let’s do more than be aware. Let’s donate!!!
The Penned Con St. Louis Charity Box Set is officially available for pre-order on ibooks. If you have an iPhone, ipad, etc you can download your copy through iBooks and help support an amazing cause. 10 Romance novels featuring Alexandrea Weis, Amy Daws,Amy Miles AnnaLisa Grant, B. Kristin McMichael, Bethany Lopez Michele Stratton, M.S. Brannon, Mary Ting and Mindy Van Wagenen Hayes for only $3.99.

100% of the proceeds go back to the Penned Con scholarship.
Last year, with the combined efforts of the authors and attendees, Penned Con raised $11,000 for Action for Autism to provide for the needs of three autistic children from the St. Louis Metro area. Help us to continue to give back by grabbing your copy today and spreading the word.

This box set will be available on all other platforms but is only available for pre-order on ibooks. The perfect gift for that special woman in your life this Mother’s Day.


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