Losing It Release Day Celebration Giveaway

***UPDATE Congratulations to Jennifer Appleton for being selected as my Losing it Giveaway winner!***

The Most Awkward Thing About Writing My Losing It Scene Was : Realizing that my beautiful, innocent Roseline had become a sexual being who took what she wanted. For those who have read my YA Arotas novels (Forbidden, Reckoning, Redemption and Evermore) you know this to be a completely different attitude for Roseline.  Savage, the scene from which this book is ultimately drawn from shows Roseline in a new light that might surprise people.

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In Celebration of the release of LOSING IT I am hosting a signed paperback giveaway of my novel, Desolate (the prequel to my Arotas novels) right here on my blog. Post a comment below on this post to enter and state whether you believe Vampires/Immortals could be real and why to be entered. The winner will be selected on FEB 19th

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Kristina Circelli (US)

Melissa Haag (INT)

Ednah Walters (INT)

Nikki Jefford (INT)

Stacey Wallace Benefiel (US)

Helen Boswell (US)

S.T. Bende (US)

Amy Miles (US)

  1. M. Boyce (US)

Milda Harris (INT)

  1. A. Last (INT)

Heather Hildenbrand (INT)

Ginger Scott (US)

Julia Crane (US)

Tish Thawer (US)

Misty Provencher (US)

Alexia Purdy (US)

Tamara Rose Blodgett (US)

A.O. Peart (US)

Bethany Lopez (US)

M.R. Polish (US/UK)

Julie Prestsater (US)

Want to get down and dirty with the authors of Losing It? Join us in the Champagne Room on Facebook. Must be 18 or older to request entry.

Ready to Lose It?

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18 thoughts on “Losing It Release Day Celebration Giveaway

  1. I guess it’s kind of fun to believe that vampires and/or immortals exist, but I don’t really believe they do. I don’t think I really want vampires to exist, but being immortal could be pretty cool.
    They’re still enjoyable to read about, though. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I believe in the possibility of everything. I think that science could one day make a vampire or immortal being. For now though, they are just fun to read about!

  3. Ahh the age old question are vampires/immortals real? No, I don’t believe the vampires/immortals are real but I do believe people say they are vampires and drink human blood. To me that is silly but different strokes for different folks, right Amy? =D

  4. I believe in a version of the vampires, not ones whom feast on blood though. I’ve seen and experienced much of what everyday people consider to be paranormal fiction. For me to believe otherwise would be embracing ignorance.

  5. I believe that everything exists on some level. Sometime in reality, sometimes only in our minds. Ultimately if we didnt want to believe, we would buy and read your amazing books! Thanks for making us believe!!!

  6. I love Vampire novels, read them all the time, but I cannot imagine or want them to be real. I love reading and enjoying, but would really not to meet any!!

    Judy Cox

  7. I think vampires/immortals should exist so our lives could be a hell of a lot more exciting and dangerous. Who wouldn’t want to be the lover of a super-sexy vampire? I would 😛 I think I should be entered for I’ve been a Vampire Lover for years of my life and think they are the best supernatural creature to ever be created. When I was little, I really did believe they were real and wanted to become ‘a child of the night’! Vampire/Immortal novels made by different authors (like yourself) are so much fun to read since everyone has a different perspective on these kind of subjects. I’d love to meet a vampire, especially one male, teenage and super sweet/hot, hehe ❤

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