Book Lover’s Advent Calendar

RCPR ChristmasThe authors at Red Coat PR are sharing some early Christmas cheer with the creation of a book lovers dream advent calendar.  If you sign up, each day from Dec 1-24th you will receive a paperless post Christmas card with a gifted ebook from one of RCPR’s amazing authors.

For a $10 fee (to cover the paperless post costs ) you will receive a $62 value. Perfect for that book lover that you need to shop for, an early gift for yourself or gift it to a soldier. 24 ebooks for $10…and a chance to meet some truly amazing authors.

Participating authors include:

Danielle Bannister – Pulled Back
Lindsay Paige – I’m Yours
Julieanne Lynch – Escaping Shadows
M.C. Cerny – Pulsepoint
Amy Miles – Wither
Kristina Circelli – Damsel Not
Denise Grover Swank – Chosen Box Set
Raine Thomas – Return of the Ascendant
Jocelyn Stover – A STEP AWAY
Nathan Squiers – Crimson Shadow: Sins of the Father
Megan J. Parker – Scarlet Dawn
Elizabeth Loraine – The Protectors
Stephanie Summers – Haunting (Book #2 of The Willow Creek Vampires Series)
Eric R. Asher – Wolves and the River of Stone
Courtney Houston – flicker
Cynthia St. Aubin – Dysfunctional
Barbara Speak – Fearing Regret
Michelle N. Files – Soul Survivor
AnnaLisa Grant – Next to Me
Michele Miller – Out of Ruins
Kristie Cook – Purpose
Allen Longstreet – REBEARTH
J.D. Rivera – Defensive
Christine Brae – The Light in the Wound

I’m beyond excited for this advent calendar!!!

Would you like to sign up?    Check out this link for more details:

Red Coat PR Advent Calendar

2 thoughts on “Book Lover’s Advent Calendar

  1. WOW! Just finished Withered. A strong and captivating beginning with a breathtaking, well written finish. It drug a bit in the middle for me. It felt to me like the middle kept rounding the same mountain of emotions in a slightly different setting but once the it broke free, hang on.

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