NETHERWORLD is coming…

I can’t believe that in 6 days I will be publishing my 11th book.  That just seems really surreal for me.  I have people all the time give me that “oh, good luck with that” look when I tell them I’m an author and I just want to laugh because this is the best stinkin’ job in the world!  I get to create fun characters, worlds and fight scenes for a living.  Yeah…that rocks!

So for those of you who have enjoyed my paranormal and sci-fi/fantasy novels I’m about to introduce you to our new twist on Banshees.  We are going old school irish mythology with our modern day spin on it.  My co-author, Danielle Bannister, and I have worked for over a year on this baby and we are pretty darn proud of what we came up with.

Netherworld banner

Book bio:

The dead shadow my steps, beckoned by my call.
I am a banshee, eternally bound to the Netherworld.
Fate has torn me between two men:
One has the power to lift my curse.
Another could bring me to sweet ruin.
I long for the freedom to choose my own destiny…but will I choose correctly?


Guilt lingers around my heart, anchored there by my own deeds.
I am a human, eternally bound to my pain.
Destiny has torn me between two paths:
One could break me free of my despair.
The other would bury me there.
I long for forgiveness…but do I deserve it?


Netherworld is a tale of mythology and forbidden love, suitable for ages 13+.


4 thoughts on “NETHERWORLD is coming…

    1. This book is still with our agent as is being pitched to several publishers at the moment. We are at the mercy of the publishers busy schedules now

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