Paperback giveaway!!!

Hi everyone!

In celebration of my Vengeance ebook release I am going to be giving away a paperback of choice from my collection to one lucky winner.  All you have to do is comment on this post to be entered.  The winner will be drawn tomorrow at noon (eastern time).

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30 thoughts on “Paperback giveaway!!!

  1. Hi Amy! It was so good to see you and Rick in Boston in early April. I hope he didn’t eat all your BBQ chips. haha. Congrats on your newest release! XO

  2. I am a huge fan of you and your books!!!!! I’m following u on facebook, twitter, instagram, and your blog here (does that sound stalkery? Hope not!!) I just can’t get enough of your books and u r just so funny! Your son is adorable le! And I am just such a big fan I can’t even explain!!! I would love to win!!!! Haha doesn’t everybody? But you’ll make the right choice, I know it!

  3. Hi Amy! You know I need VENGEANCE to complete the space on my bookshelves saved for your books. I have my signed swag packs decorating around my signed copies of FORBIDDEN & RECKONING !! I heart you 😀

  4. Aw. You guys sure know how to make a gal feel special 🙂 This is going to be a tough choice tomorrow. Might just have to let my son choose a random number and go it that way!!

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