A blogger’s thoughts on Desolate

djacket2.copyA Book Vacation was kind enough to read and review Desolate for me and I wanted to share a part of their review with you.

“As Desolate deals with incredibly sensitive issues, I was thankful that Miles didn’t flaunt the events, or give the gritty details. She glosses over many, instead giving the reader just enough information to make the peril and torture Rose is experiencing obvious for readers, but also leaving much to the imagination. But even so, it is enough to cause my heart to bleed for Rose. Miles has put herself in the shoes of an abuse victim and shown the inner depths of hatred, fear, and loss of innocence…”

You can read the 4 star review in full detail here: Desolate Blog Tour review by A Book Vacation

For those of you who have read and loved my Arotas novels…Desolate is different.  It is dark, gritty and raw.  It is a no holds barred look at what the life of an abuse victim is like.  Roseline is married to a very twisted man, she is trapped in her misery with no hope of escape.  She is surrounded by evil.  Abuse happens on a daily basis and it doesn’t take long before she is utterly broken…but in that brokenness comes beauty as she begins to realize that the pain and the actions done against her do not define who she is.

There is a reason why I placed a warning on this book. It is not for everyone.  And as I have said countless times, PLEASE if you have a teenager who has enjoyed my other books read DESOLATE first yourself to see if this book is something they can handle.  As stated above I did my best to gloss over the horrors and yet still maintain realism.

If you read the rest of the review you will see that the reviewer was uncomfortable with several parts of the book but in the end discovered what an amazing character Roseline truely is.  This reviewer has also said that they will go on to read all of my Arotas novels because of Desolate 🙂

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