Time to reflect….

Tonight I just hit publish on my 8th book.  Although Desolate has already been out for 2 weeks with Apple iBooks, publishing for this final time has really hit me.  Three years ago I had a dream, one that involved lots of hard work and countless hours staring at the flickering of a laptop screen, but a dream non the less.  Now, three years later I have 8 books that proudly have my name scrawled across them.

That feels amazing.
If you have spent any time around me, with me on FB or any other social media sites, you know that I love to encourage people.  Following a dream isn’t something many people really do.  They get scared.  Maybe it’s lack of financial security, fear of failure or being ridiculed.  I get it. I really do, but I also know that I have never felt so fulfilled in my life than when I am doing what I know that I was created to do.

So tonight, as I bask in the knowledge that I took that baby step forward and kept on walking, I encourage you to do the same thing.  Everyone has that one thing they always wanted to do.  It doesn’t have to be to write a book or quite your job.  It could be something as simple as wanting to take a bath in a pool of jello.  Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!  haha

balloonsI think you get my point.  Just do it.  Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back.  Believe in yourself just enough to take one step forward and see what happens.  Sometimes having faith in yourself is all you need to see beautiful things unfold.



4 thoughts on “Time to reflect….

  1. Is there going to be another book after evermore? I just finished it last night and since it ends right before a big battle I was wondering if there would be another book?

    Love the series!

    1. Hi Kyra,
      Evermore is the final book in the Arotas series. It preludes the battle that will be detailed in the spin off series called The Shadow Lands. This series will be based on the angel battles and cameo some of the characters from the original series.
      I’ve also released Desolate, which is the first book telling Roselines story when she first became an immortal

    1. No. Vengeance is the final book. Though I could easily write an entirely new trilogy just based on the life Illyria and Bastien would lead together I want to leave that up the each reader’s imagination 🙂

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