My theory on Cliff Hangers

Everyone hates them.  Ok…well, not everyone, but the majority of people will admit to not being a huge fan of cliff hangers.  Why?  Usually it is for the simple fact that they leave you begging for more.  That need, that drive to know what has yet to be revealed is what encourages authors to write more books.  If we can instill a need within you to find out what happens we know that you care about our characters.

This is why I like cliff hangers.  Those moments of utter shock when a reader reaches the end only to find cliffhangersomeone or something hanging in the balance validate that we have done our job.

So for those of you who have read my books (especially) the middle books you know that I like to keep you wanting.  Many of you send me emails begging for answers that will be revealed in the next book, and trust me, I too am a reader and I know how difficult it is to wait for those answers so I have a new plan for upcoming series…I plan to write them entirely before I begin to publish.

This is my compromise to you.  I cannot promise that I won’t leave you wanting more, but I will do my best to ensure the fact that you do not have long to wait.


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