Publishers Weekly Smashwords Bestseller lists

So every once in a while you have those moments of where something really cool happens.  I mean something cooler than normal, because let’s face it, I get to be an author and people actually like reading my stuff. That’s a bonus right there!

So the lovely Chanda Hahn posted a link on my facebook page that I just had to share with you. I had the pleasure of meeting Chanda at Indie Girl Con only a few short weeks ago and I instantly fell in love. If you have read her books you MUST go out of your way to meet her.  She is an uber sweetheart!

Anyways, so she posts this link from Publisher’s Weekly stating the December best sellers from Smashwords.  Apparently I’m on it..twice.  So is Chanda (love her!) and my good friend, Quinn Loftis (I normally dont use BFF’s like ever but she could totally be that haha).  These two ladies are just simply the best.  I’m so glad that we can chat anything ya and fantasy related and have a good time.

Point of this story…we are rocking the socks off some teens right now and fantasy is very much alive 🙂

Want to check out who else is on the list with us? Publisher’s Weekly Smashwords best seller list

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