Shadow Lands spinoff series

For my readers…after reading EVERMORE many of you have been asking me questions about my spin off series, SHADOW LANDS. Here are a few answers to clear things up.

1. SHADOW LANDS will cameo some of your favorite Arotas characters BUT it will not be about them. You will get to see them from time to time but the main focus of this series will be based on the war between the angels and the fallen ones.
2. No, Lucien and Vladimir are NOT coming back. Sorry.
3. This series will not be out until 2015 for the simple fact that I have to finish up the prequel trilogy and release a few other books as well. I plan to write the ENTIRE series before beginning to release the first book so that you will not have to wait long to read all of the books.
4. Yes you will discover the depth to the prophecy that binds Roseline and Gabriel together. I had planned to reveal all of that in EVERMORE but since I had so many emails begging me to write the spin off series I decided to allow that to unfold fully by allowing the angels to explain it instead.
5. Will your favorite characters die in SHADOW LANDS…? I can’t answer that. I do not plan out the deaths in advance. I just let them come as the story demands, though I always warn people that Fane was my favorite character and we all know what happened to him. No one is ever truly safe in my books.

6.  Will Shadow Lands be geared more toward YA or new adult?  I have not decided yet although I think that the book will most likely be like my Rising trilogy and be a hyrbid of both.  I like action.  I like romance but I still prefer clean books that are suitable for all ages.

These are the main questions that I have been fielding over the past couple of weeks. If you have any others feel free to ask. I don’t promise to answer all of them though. No spoilers 🙂

4 thoughts on “Shadow Lands spinoff series

  1. After the Arotas Triology is Evermore but before all of those is Desolate ? Is there another part to Desolate? But after Evermore is the ShadowLands Series?

    1. The Arotas Series ends with EVERMORE. DESOLATE begins a prequel trilogy detailing Roselines life after becoming an immortal. The Shadow Lands series will cameo some of the Arotas characters but will be focused on the angel war

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