Bragging rights

Ok, so I need to preface this by saying that NORMALLY I try not to brag.  I don’t write books for a title, money or for any reason other than an absolute and consuming love for writing.  It is in my blood.  It is who I am and meant to be.  I write because I must.  Let’s face it…if I had to live with all of these voices shouting in my head I might be a bit loopy haha

So with that being said, there comes a time when an author MUST brag, but only for really special occasions.  The other night just happened to be one of them.  If you follow me on Facebook you probably already know (because everyone shared my pictured like mad!).  If not, join me in a collective “wow, how the heck did you do that?” moment.

Let me show you what I mean. Insert exhibit A:


This is a screen shot that was sent to me by a friend in Australia two nights ago.  This shows Evermore rated as #1 in top paid books…right in front of DIVERGENT and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

Are you having that “How the heck did that happen?” moment yet??

Yeah…I did too.  In fact, I was making dinner when my husband showed it to me and I was so shocked I didn’t say a single word.  I just kept working on dinner haha  Later he asked me “You’re really screaming on the inside, aren’t you?”

Yes…yes I was.  And leaping for joy.  Prancing like a prize pony.  Beating pots and pans.  Standing on the edge of my dock and screaming it to the world “I beat Divergent!!!!”  Of course I didn’t really DO any of those things physically but you should have seen the party going on in my head that night!

And then it hit me.  “I did this.  My book did this.”

That was a profound moment for me.  I could never have reached this far and this high without Mark Coker of Smashwords nor the amazing marketing team at iBooks, for whom I have mad love, but in that moment I realized that people liked my book not for their amazing marketing ability, but because of what I had written.  People wanted MY book.

That realization is better than any title or pay check.

I write to entertain.  To help people escape reality for a few short hours.  To delve into a world where it’s ok to break all of the rules.  Heck, it’s encouraged.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your support.  YOU are why I write.  And a couple nights ago YOU helped me leap ahead of Divergent.  That is a moment I will always cherish.


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3 thoughts on “Bragging rights

  1. Congrats! That’s amazing! Is there going to be a pre-order on amazon? If not, then there should be! I can’t wait to dive into it! Why is it coming out late on amazon anyway? I’m dying to know what happens in this last installment and the suspense and delay are KILLING me! I finished the last book months ago and I still remember the end so very clearly. I need this next book like you needed to have this book to be a success and look what happened! it’s great you made it this far and you TOTALLY deserve it all!

    1. Hi Christina,

      Unfortunately Amazon does not allow me to do a preorder on my books. iBooks has been amazing to work with so I am working alongside them with my book releases.

      I am sorry for the delay in publishing on amazon but I have a two week exclusive with iBooks for evermore and desolate.

      Evermore will be available on amazon on March 12th and desolate on April 2nd

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