Arotas Series Timeline

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how my books run in order now that I have a lot going on with them.

Here is a simplified listing.  I hope this helps.

YA paranormal romance series:

Forbidden, Book I of the Arotas Series

Reckoning, Book II of the Arotas Series

Redemption, Book III of the Arotas Series

Evermore, Book IIII of the Arotas Series (pre-order through ibooks.  available everywhere March 12th)

NA paranormal romance prequel trilogy:

Desolate, Book I of the Immortal Rose Trilogy (pre-order through ibooks.  available everywhere April 2nd)

Coming soon…(publication dates will be set by Audible and announced as soon as they are finalized)

Savage, Book II of the Immortal Rose Trilogy 

Refuge Book III of the Immortal Rose Trilogy 

The Shadow Lands

6 thoughts on “Arotas Series Timeline

  1. When will “Savage” be released? I’ve been dying to know what comes next!! Love your books!!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hello! I was just wondering if Savage was ever published or when it’s expected release date it. I have read the entire Arotas series and Desolate, I am very anxious to know what happened after the hunt. Thank you for your books!

  3. It says that Savage was supposed to be released last Spring of 2014? Am I reading anything wrong? I cannot find it anywhere. Can someone please let me know bc I am hanging here.. I need to know what happens after Fane dropped Rose off after the hunt….

    1. Hi Jennifer, I have just updated this page. Audible purchased the rights to these books so they are helping to call the shots on official publication dates as they have to have time to set up the audio books to coincide with the book release. I have a lot of ongoing projects in the works so Savage and Refuge are in line to be published. These characters are very near and dear to my heart and I’m eager to release the final two books close together.

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