Update on upcoming releases

I’ve had a lot of people asking so I’m gonna post this several times over the coming weeks.

EVERMORE releases on Valentine’s Day. YEAH!!! This is the companion novella for those of you who wanted to know what happens AFTER Redemption. It will be short and sweet (maybe a few years), and only $0.99  Hopefully it will give you a bit of closure and answer some of those burning questions you still have.

DESOLATE, book 1 of the Immortal Rose trilogy (prequel to Forbidden) will be coming out around mid march. I have not yet set a date but will update you just as soon as I know.

VENGEANCE, book III of the Rising trilogy will be out probably in May. I’m finishing up the rough draft of my co-written banshee novel right now and if all goes well that will release first. *crossing fingers*

2014 is an insane year for book releases so stay tuned. The first half of the year is gonna be a wild ride! If you are planning to come see me at one of my 14 book signings please note that I will do my best to make sure that I have copies of all of my books in print (mail delivery willing) if a book has just been released shortly before an event.

For those of you coming to see me in New Orleans on Feb 1 I will have Relinquish in print 

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