Things you need to know

Hey guys! I have some updates for you. Please no throwing laptops until you read all the way through the post 

One: Desolate is getting shoved back till Jan. There is nothing I can do about that because of the holiday season, having to order dresses from across the pond, arrange a photo shoot with two models’ conflicting schedules, etc. I’m bummed about the delay but the upside is that the covers are going to be stunning AND there won’t be much time between the release of DESOLATE and EVERMORE.

Two: You know I can’t leave you guys hanging with nothing to read soooo….Relinquish, book 2 of the Rising trilogy is due to release now on December 30th. That gives everyone time to enjoy the holidays and then settle in with a new book. I will be doing the cover reveal (finally!) later this week. I’m so excited to finally get to share it with everyone!

Three: I’m going to be hiding in my writing cave for this week and next to get this book polished up so please don’t think I’m ignoring anyone. This shift was rather sudden BUT I’m so excited to be working on Illyria, Bastien and Eamon again. It was well overdue.

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