Rocking in the corner…

Today I have the extreme pleasure to begin digging into my rough draft of DESOLATE.  This could go one of two ways.  Either I will emerge from my writing cave shocked by my brilliance (completely unlikely) or my husband will find me rocking in the corner.  I know which I am placing my bets on haha

Editing has become a chore and a delight to me.  In the beginning I hated it, partially because I knew I totally sucked at seeing typos, but also because I had to face my initial thoughts.

I’m a very flexible writer.  I go where my character’s want to go.  AKA: I obey the voices in my head.  It’s ok.  I’m just creative 🙂

By the time I reach the end of a rough draft, usually I only have small bits and pieces of the overall story that I remember.  I write fast and I write hard. Then I forget.  So going back through a rough draft has become a delight to me because it is truly like reading the story for the first time.

I can marvel at a particularly well written line and wince at a pathetically structured dialogue section.  I get to experience the anger, need for revenge and fall in love all over again with my characters.  If, by the end of reading DESOLATE I am ready to roll heads, I will know that I have succeeded in my task.

*cracks knuckles*

Let’s begin!


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