Immortal Rose Trilogy

Today has been a bit of a crazy, manic day.  What started out as sheer confusion and stress turned into inspiration and no small amount of panicking (in a good way!).

While out to lunch with my husband, I gave him a run down on my progress with Immortal Rose.  To be honest, I’ve been saying for the past week or so that there is just too much depth from Roseline’s 300 years of immortality to fit into one small book.  I tried to ignore it, thinking I could still do it justice in a more compressed format but after sharing my progress with my husband he came to one simple conclusion:  I HAVE to tell Roseline’s story right.

I’m talking about her anguish, fears, doubts, tortures, her friendship with Fane, her terror of Vladimir, detesting the monster she has become, learning to fight, to rebel, and oh so many more things.  I want to let you meet Davros right after Vladimir has destroyed his mind.  Discover Roseline’s flight to England in attempt to flee from Vladimir.  Experience the prison walls that she is confined in.  Watch her brethren storm London during the blitz to take out a nest of hunters.  See her trials and her weak moments.  Watch as she succombs to Vladimir’s twisted commands and then fights to break free.

I want you to smell, taste, touch and feel everything that she went through.  To understand what drove her to America and into Gabriel’s arms.

The only way to do that is to write more than one book.  Three in fact.

Yes *takes a deep breath*  I am turning one prequel book into a prequel trilogy.  Yeah!Immortal Rose Promo

I don’t have all of the how’s worked out yet so if you want release dates, yeah…you’re gonna have to give me some time with that since I need to move a few things around.  I have contacted my graphic designer to see what we can create for the covers.  This is all very much in the “oh my gosh am I really agreeing to do this???” stage but I know that it is right.  Roseline and Fane deserve this…and so do you, wonderful, amazing readers!

So…Immortal Rose is now a prequel trilogy.

The titles should give you a pretty good hint as to what Roseline is facing:

DESOLATE: Book I of the Immortal Rose Trilogy

SAVAGE: Book II of the Immortal Rose Trilogy

REFUGE: Book III of the Immortal Rose Trilogy


The legend unfolds…


10 thoughts on “Immortal Rose Trilogy

  1. I am really excited for these to come out but I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER HIS EYES OPEN! I got sucked in right away, these were awesome to read and re-read!!

  2. I have read desolate in a day and I need more of the Immortal Rose story! I stumbled upon you about a week ago and I have read every single book you have written in that time span. (I’m a fast reader)
    You captured me with these books. You are an amazing writer.

  3. I was just wondering when Savage would be coming out, your other books are so amazing I’m so excited for the Immortal Rose trilogy to be released.

  4. I have read every book in this series soo far and I’ve read them all in two weeks!! I can NOT stop reading this story! I read a the time and this is hands down my favorite series(: You are an amazing writing!! I have been dieing to read savage and I was just wondering if you know when it will be released! I can’t wait to find out how Vladimir will react about Roseline and Fane!(:

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