Captivate Teaser #2

Captivate Teaser #2 (for those of you who read my YA books please note that this book is for an NA audience. It is by far not explicitly Captivate.promographic but does hint at some more mature themes)

Here is a sneaky peek into Slade and Ashlyn’s banter:

Slade flops down onto the soft mattress and grabs the remote to hit play. It takes just under a full minute for Ashlyn’s cheeks to redden and her mouth to gape open with shock. “Are you… are you watching porn?”

He grins. “Of course. It’s the only good thing on the telly at this time of day.”

She rolls her eyes. “Do you ever act your age?”

He pauses the movie and swings his legs over the bed. “What exactly do you think guys my age do, love? We fart, burp, and watch porn.”

Her lips curl with disgust so fast it makes him laugh. “We may be cute on the outside, but at the end of the day, we’re still guys.”

Ashlyn’s revulsion seems to lessen and is replaced by incredulity. “You know, I think you’re far more like Ender than you realize.”

“Why? Does he like porn too?” Slade snorts. He might actually like this guy if he were a real person.


Release date: Sept 27th

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