Captivate Teaser: #1

CAPTIVATE: Teaser #1

Tamsin leans forward. “Would you have forgotten me?”
Slade purses his lips, knowing there was no way, short of blunt force trauma, that he would not have remembered her. “Not a chance.”
“See. And that’s my point.” He frowns as he rubs the back of his neck. He doesn’t like where this is going… straight down the “Slade is a dick” road again. “She’s a girl. You’re a guy, and she was completely invisible to you. Are you starting to put the pieces together here, Sherlock?”
She sloshes her champagne around in her glass before taking another sip. “Ashlyn is like a sister and her opinion matters to me. Right or wrong, she said she thought you’d be perfect so I took her advice, and here you sit. I may have had to nudge her a bit into admitting it was the right decision, but she went to bat for you first.”
“So you didn’t think I would be a good fit for the role?”
Tamsin’s laughter sounds like the tinkling of glass during a toast. “You’re freakin’ hot. Of course you were perfect for the role.”
Her answer, although pleasing to hear, makes him feel a bit empty. “Thanks, I think.”


Only 9 days to go till Captivate is live!

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