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Welcome to the spot where you get to see the inner workings of my mind. You’re sure to find some quirky comments, whiplash sarcasm thrown around and probably a few foot in mouth moments as well. Not to mention details about my books, my life as an author and anything else that I think might be crazy enough to interest you.

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  1. Hi! My names Lindsey but everybody calls me Lee. I finished evermore within the span of one day and I am now in a spiraling depression lol! Will the other series that you mentioned at the end of evermore, the shadow lands, will it be anything like the arotas series? I was just wondering. Your books are amazing and they have changed my whole outlook on life, thank you for writing them! They bring such joy to my friends and I who are also reading them. Seriously some of the best books I’ve ever read and believe me, I have read plenty of books! Keep writing! You are very talented!

    1. Hi Lee,
      The spin off series, SHADOW LANDS will be based off the war between angels and fallen ones. The Arotas characters will cameo in these books from time to time but they will not be the sole focus. Obviously their fight will continue. It is in their nature, their destiny.

      Im am also preparing to release book one of the prequel trilogy, DESOLATE in March/April. This book will detail Roseline’s life right after her wedding, her transformation, her life with Vladimir and her love with Fane. All three books in this trilogy will be released by summer 🙂

      I’m so very pleased to hear that you have enjoyed my books. I write to entertain.

      1. AWESOME!! I can’t wait to get Desolate and read this angel book of yours!! I ❤ the supernatural!!
        OMG!! It'll be like a whole bio on Rosaline's life!! Again AWESOME!!

  2. Hey Amy,
    I have a question about the 5 UK town tour you’re doing in April. Will we have to pay for autographs? I know we’ll have to purchase the merchandise, but what about an actual signing from you?

    -Cat 😉

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