Reviews of Redemption…

There are some really great reviews coming in for Redemption that I thought I would share with you.  Out of the 13 reviews posted to date, all at 5-star ratings!

***WARNING***  Some of these reviews might contain tiny spoilers so be warned ahead of time!!!


Amy Miles has done it again in the 3rd book in the Arotas Trilogy. I have no idea how she gets us so involved with each character, this book is so complex, but you don’t lose sight of the current drama switching to a different character to find out what they are dealing with. Some books it almost seems like a commercial interruption, but this flows so smoothly that each page you turn is another situation of what is happening to each character that we’ve invested ourselves in since Forbidden.

Roseline, Gabriel, Fane, Sadie, Nicolae and the rest of the crew are spread out dealing with their own drama and fighting their own demons. Roseline is captured trying to live, resist what Lucien has done to her and hang on to another day. Gabriel is trying to find himself, who he really is and what his destiny will be while wanting to find Rose. Fane is heartbroken with losing Roseline and trying to be the leader in her place by making the best decisions he can. Nicolae and Sadie are dealing with their contested love now that things have changed while working with Fane to combine forces. William and Sadie are bringing humor as they so often do, whenever possible to lighten things up a bit.

I love that this book has so much mystery and serious moments and then a joke is inserted and you are laughing out loud. I’ve adored this about the whole series. I enjoy the writing style, the fact you have no clue what’s going to happen, there are major surprises, joining of forces that only Roseline could make happen and loss of characters 😦 but it all fits no matter how sad it is, you know it was meant to happen.

Thanks Amy Miles for this fantastic book series and I can’t wait to get into to Roseline’s head and find out what happened before she went to Chicago.


While reading this book I found myself holding my breath several times. Each time I was unaware until I stopped to process what was happening. Amy, I applaud how you engage the readers senses. You describe scenes so that you can see them, smell them, and know the temperature.This ending was incredible but sad. I grew to love the characters. I look forward to reading other books/series by you.
This series is a great one and if you allow yourself to become involved with the characters you will go on a great journey with them.


Kept me on me on my toes. Never would have imagined an ending quite like that. You are a talented writer and I can’t wait to see what the future brings to the literary world.


OMG!!!! We were up, we were way down. I laughed, I cried, I screamed! Part of me feels like this can’t be the last book, but I know it is. The action was continuous and the final battle was….well I don’t have the right words for it right now. There were many losses and one I really didn’t expect, part of the reason I wish there was more to come….sigh. It was an epic finale to an adventurous series.


Amy has written a wonderful trilogy. If you have not began this series, you most certainly should look up Forbidden right now!

Redemption is a great conclusion to the Arotas Trilogy…though, you should keep the tissue handy. I greatly enjoyed this series and cannot wait to see what Amy has planned next!

All of these reviews can be viewed on Amazon.  I am deeply grateful for each person who had taken the time to share their love for Redemption.

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