Redemption Release Party Winners

Here is a list of the winners from today’s Redemption Release Party on Facebook.  I will update this every half hour so you can see who the big winners are 🙂

9am- Becki Brannen (Field of Innocence by Lainy Lane and signed bookmark)

9:30 am- Simone Francis Reed (Haven from the Storm by Sarah Dosher)

9:30 EXTRA swag giveaway – Jenn Goodnight-Tenney

10am- Stephanie Fodor Scott (Pulled and Pulled back by Danielle Bannister)

10:30- Megan O’ Brien (Tabatha Vargo’s Wicked Fate)

11am- Kristen Day (Redemption and Swag pack)

11:30- Becki Brannen with those lightning fingers!  (L.P. Dover’s Loves Second Chance)

12pm- Toni Houseworth (Shannon Morton and Amber Lynn Natusch’s Tempted by Evil plus swag pack)

12:30pm- Becki Brennen AGAIN.  Go girl!  (Masquerade by Cambria Herbert and signed promo card)

1pm- Jackie McPherson made me laugh the hardest (Redemption)

1:30pm-  Becki Brannen  Are you sitting on a lucky rabbit’s foot?? (Simone Francis Reed’s Poetry in Motion and swag pack)

Bonus Misty Provencher book- Stephani Fodor Scott (Cornerstone)

2pm  Becki Brannen (Cameo Renae’s In my Dreams plus signed bookmark)

Bonus Misty Provencher book- Sara Kinsella (Hale Maree)

2:30- Nicole Patton (Sarah Ross’ Echo of An Angel and Awaken)

3pm- Sara Kinsella (Redemption)

3:30- Samantha Le Raye (Cambria hebert’s Recalled and swag pack)

4pm- Barry Denneman (Danielle Bannister’s Pulled and Pulled back plus swag pack)

T-shirt giveaway- Lori Ann Worley (Who else would hit an old lady with a puck?)

4:30 Becki Brannen (Tabatha Vargo’s On the Plus Side)

5:00 Lori Ann Worley you had me at evil Andy haha (Redemption and signed swag pack)

5:30 Ansley Kniskern (Cameo Renae’s Hidden wings and signed swag)

6pm Cindy Dewey (Awaken and Echo of an Angel by Sarah Ross)

Random swag giveaway- Tara Torpey-Orsini  I gotta give your guy props for being so well prepared!

6:30 Nicole Rouch Maltese (Playing Patience by Tabatha Vargo)

7:00 Andrea Kelleher for the epic fail haha (Redemption)

Flutter giveaway- Sarah Geiger because you chose my fave fantasy creature- the phoenix!

7:30 Melanie Ponce (Forever Fae Series)

8pm Winner of the signed Utopya bag is….Nicole Rauch Maltese

Melissa Andrea’s The Edge of Darkness – Crissy Conners

8:30 KC Holmquist (Lainy Lane’s Escaping Eternity and bookmark)

9am- Sarah Sawyer Love your answer to why girl’s love bad boys!  (Wendy Owen’s Stubborn Love)

Thank you so so much for a wonderful day!  We couldn’t have done it without you and the amazing author who so graciously gave.

2 thoughts on “Redemption Release Party Winners

    1. I can’t wait to see if what you think will happen actually does 🙂 So far I’ve managed to surprise a lot of people haha

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