While I’ve been down with the flu, I’ve been going over my publication goals for the remainder of this year and next.  To be honest, I have set some rather lofty goals for myself that I will seek to fulfill, but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I’m going to keep some of those details to myself for a while longer.

BUT I can tell you that with REDEMPTION ready to be published on July 19th, I’m already hard at work on the prequel to the Arotas trilogy, IMMORTAL ROSE which will release in September.

As I prepare to say goodbye to the Arotas Trilogy, I am very excited to leap back into the Rising trilogy with Illyria, Bastien and Eamon.  These books are scheduled to be released later this year and the early part of next.

Some of you may have also heard rumors that I am co-writing a trilogy right now. The rumors are true and my co-author, Danielle Bannister and I are hard at work on the first book in  The Hallowed Realms Trilogy which will debut in 2014.

There are some great things coming your way and my only wish is that I had more time to write all of the amazing book ideas that are begging for my attention.


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