Release Party Celebration

When Defiance Rising came out, my husband and I decided to take on the task of creating a Facebook release party.  A 12 hour release party.  We knew it would be exhausting and our son would be forced to eat Mc Donald’s for dinner, but it was totally worth it to us to spend the day with our friends.  What we didn’t expect was how much fun we had.

The 12 hours flew by so quickly.  We had a blast laughing at the caption contests, seeing people struggle with the word scrambles and enjoying all of the questions where people were trying to sneak secret details out of me.  We truly had a great time.

With the Redemption release just around the corner we are in full swing prep for another party.  This one will be held on Facebook and is a public event.  You can find it under Redemption (an Arotas novel) release party.  Please come and join in on the fun on July 18th, one day prior to the release of Redemption on Amazon.

We will also be working hard to release Redemption on Barnes and Nobles as well but their site does tend to take a bit longer so please be aware of that.

Here is the link to the event.  Click join to get all updates on the events to come.

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