Blog Tour

Danielle Bannister and I are setting up a blog tour to discuss our books.  I will discussing:

  • Forbidden, Reckoning, Redemption, Immortal Rose (THE AROTAS TRILOGY)
  • Defiance Rising, Relinquish (THE RISING TRILOGY)

Danielle will be speaking about her books:

  • Pulled, Pulled Back, Pulled Back Again (THE TWIN FLAMES SERIES)

We will be answering interview questions about our books, our journey as authors and answering some fun and completely random questions.  If you are a blogger or wanna be blogger and would like to take part, here are the dates we currently have available.

May 2
May 5
May 7
May 15
May 18
May 21-23
May 25-27

These dates are going fast so please let me know as soon as you can.  We also have openings in June as well if that fits your schedule better 🙂

5 thoughts on “Blog Tour

    1. oh yeah…and I met you at BAE and you were great! I bought two of your books for twenty! lol. It was right when your husband left. I was planning on only buying one but I was happy I left with two instead! You rock! xx I loved all the swag too!

      1. AAAHHH!!! I remember! He took off with all the money and left me high and dry 🙂
        It was so great meeting you! Are you going to any more events this year?

    2. Hi Brianna!
      I’ve got you down for May 25th 🙂
      Danielle and I are gathering together a packet of info to send so when you get a chance send me your email addy. Thanks!

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